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Never Lose Business

To A Missed Call Again!

We'll turn every missed call into a text message conversation

Are you tired of losing potential customers to missed calls?

We have the solution you've been looking for! Our innovative SaaS product automatically texts back missed callers, starts the conversation and lets you converse with them in our mobile application. This helps you increase revenue and never miss another opportunity.

Did You Know That More Than 50% Of Inbound Calls Go Unanswered

Every Day???

How much business is that costing you?

Say goodbye to lost sales and hello to increased revenue with our easy-to-use software. Our system is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing phone system, so you can start seeing results right away.

How It Works

Every time an inbound call to your business goes unanswered, we'll send a text message back to the caller within seconds!

  • No missed-calls left behind

When they reply, we'll push you a notification from our mobile app, where you can continue the convo!

  • Turns missed-calls into SMS conversations

Created with Fabric.js 5.2.4
Created with Fabric.js 5.2.4

When they reply, we'll push you a notification from our mobile app, where you can continue the convo!

  • Turns missed-calls into SMS conversations

Connect with your customers the way they prefer to connect with you.

No one wants to call businesses anymore. In 2023, it's like asking them to fax you!


Unlock The Power Of Chat

Skyrocket your business by opening the most preferred communication channel


Never Miss Another Call

Never lose business because of a missed call again


Elevate Your Reputation

Monitor, reply, and grow your reviews from your pocket


Increase Revenue From Google

Activating Google Chat is like turning on a "free leads" faucet for your business


Manage Your Business From Your Pocket

Take your business on the go with our mobile app

Exceptional and Easy!

Blitz and Missed Call Text Back is an exceptional software solution that revolutionizes productivity and collaboration. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it effortlessly streamlines operations, making it an invaluable asset for any organization. - Jim


Blitz Software and Missed Call Text Back
is a game-changer for businesses. It makes work easier and helps teams work together better. The best part, now my customers aren't calling my competitor when I miss a call as we get busier. -Angie

Thank You!

We started using this program and honestly were a bit skeptical. However, being able to start a messaging conversation when I couldn't answer the phone has really increased my customers. - Mark

Ready to see results?

Try our SaaS product today and watch your revenue soar.

7 D A Y M O N E Y B A C K G U A R A N T E E

Try It Risk Free For 14 Days!

Just $297 / Month
after Trial Period

+$297 One Time Setup Fee

** No Hidden Additional Charge for minutes or messages!

We know missed calls are costing you a significant amount of business, and we're willing to prove it. Start recovering more money today!

What's Included

• Missed-Call Text-Back Automation

• 2-Way SMS

• Review Monitoring + Replies

• Google Chat

• Mobile App

• 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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